Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Boston Linux Meeting reminder, tomorrow,Wednesday, May 15, 2013 - BeagleBone Black and Open Source Computing

When:May 15, 2013 7PM (6:30PM for Q&A)
Topic: BeagleBone Black and Open Source Computing
Kurt Keville, Thaumaturgical Engineer, MIT Institute for Soldier
Nanotechnologies - kkeville alum mit edu

Brian DeLacey, www.LinuxInTheLivingRoom.com, b delacey / gmail com

Location: MIT Building E51, Room 315


A look at Texas Instrument's newest low-cost ARM platform


The BeagleBone Black was introduced on April 23rd at the DESIGN West
conference. This next generation, credit-card-sized, open-everything
microcomputer sells for $45 and offers broad, capable support for Linux
Distributions and Android. This is a defining moment for Open Source

The May 15th meeting will take a hands-on, hacker-friendly look at the
new BeagleBone Black. We'll step through board-level operations from
boot-up to shutdown, from launching Linux to blinking LEDs. Chip by
chip, Texas Instruments is ushering in a new generation for Open Source

Is BeagleBone Black a capable desktop or energy efficient server? Will
you run ngstrm, Ubuntu, Android or something else? Will it be used in
educational, personal, or commercial settings? We'll tour through
software and hardware ideas for Infotainment, Thing-ware, and Maker

Join Brian and Kurt (some call them the caped crusaders of the embedded
world) as they look back on industry developments since BLU's PandaBoard
meeting of 2010 and lock in on the promising potential for the brand new
BeagleBone Black.

News for the Sunday, May 19th Arm Festival: http://www.armfestival.com/
Sign up for Pizza and beverages at:


For further information and directions please consult the BLU Web site
Please note that there is usually plenty of free parking in the E-51
parking lot at 2 Amherst St, or directly on Amherst St.

After the meeting we will adjourn to the official after meeting meeting
location at The Cambridge Brewing Company

Jerry Feldman <gaf@blu.org>
Boston Linux and Unix
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