Monday, January 5, 2015

BLU Desktop GNU/Linux SIG Meeting - Free Culture & Free Software - Weds, Jan 7, 2015

When: Wednesday, January 7, 6:30 - 8:30PM

Location: Akamai, 8 Cambridge Center, Cambridge, MA

Also easily accessibly by T.

Cost: Free


1) Please note the location is different from BLU's
standard MIT meeting location.

2) Akamai has generously agreed to provide space
and 'free as in food' for this meeting.
Thank you to our sponsor!


What is free culture and its
relationship to free software? How
are Creative Commons licenses
revolutionizing how we create,
share and collaborate?

Don't miss this talk by Matt Lee of
Creative Commons as he answers
these questions and many more.

The talk breaks down in six
subjects, and Matt will talk about
each one for about two to five
minutes a piece. There's a common
theme, but it's also about you, and
how you can do awesome things too.

The subjects are:
* Free software in general Free
* culture in general FSF/GNU stuff.
* GNU FM and, my projects.
* GNU social and how that all came
* to be. Creative Commons, and
* some of the work Matt is doing
* there.

"If you care about free software or
free culture, go to this talk" –
Matt Lee, yesterday.

More on Matt Lee:

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