Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Boston Linux Meeting, reminder, tomorrow, Wednesday, June 21, 2017 - Introduction to Buildah

When: June 21, 2017 7PM (6:30PM for Q&A)
Topic: Introduction to Buildah
Moderators: Nalin Dahyabhai, Daniel J Walsh
Location: MIT Building E-51, Room 335
Note room change from last month
Note: The data center that hosts BLU is currently down due to some fallen
poles. Hopefully it will be back up shortly.

Buildah is a command line tool which facilitates building OCI container


The buildah package provides a command line tool which can be used to create
a working container, either from scratch or using an image as a starting
point create an image, either from a working container or via the
instructions in a Dockerfile images can be built in either the OCI image
format or the traditional upstream docker image format
mount a working container's root filesystem for manipulation
unmount a working container's root filesystem
use the updated contents of a container's root filesystem as a filesystem
layer to create a new image
delete a working container or an image


For further information and directions please consult the BLU Web site

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After the meeting we will adjourn to the official after meeting meeting
location at The Cambridge Brewing Company

Jerry Feldman <gaf.linux@gmail.com>
Boston Linux and Unix
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