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Re: Boston Linux and Unix InstallFest LXVI Saturday February 10, 2018 Please sign in

I forgot to add that the library prefers attendees to sign in as this
room is smaller than our MIT room

Please go to the Morse Library event page:

Scroll down to the Feb 10th event, and click on Register. This will help
the library staff to occommodate us.

On 02/01/2018 11:50 AM, Jerry Feldman wrote:
> Boston Linux Installfest LXVI
> When: Saturday February 10, 2018, from 10:00 am to 4:30 pm
> Where: Morse Institute Library
> Innovation Studio second floor
> 14 E. Central Street
> Natick, MA 01760
> Plenty of free parking in the city parking lot on South Ave
> behind the library
> Map:
> /data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x89e387ad9d0241a9:0x42dacd80cae8a42d
> The Innovation Studio is on the second floor of the library. The library
> is a couple blocks' walk from the Natick Center MBTA commuter rail
> station. From the station, head south down Washington Street, crossing
> over South Avenue. You'll pass Dolphin Seafood on the right and
> Agostinos on the left, then you'll pass Court Street on the right. The
> library is the building to the left at the end of the road where
> Washington meets East Central.
> What you need to bring: Your computer, monitor, power strips and your
> Linux distributions. We do have copies of some distributions.
> In general we have expertise with most distros, but if you need special
> expertise, please email the BLU discussion list in advance. Today, most
> distros are using Live images that you can try out and then install.
> This can be copied to DVDs or USB sticks.There are a number of USB
> creators, such as UNetbootin ( Both
> Fedora and Ubuntu have a USB creator built in.
> COST: It's free! However, we DO have expenses, and contributions are
> welcome. Please consider contributing $25 per machine.
> Our volunteers will help you to install Linux on your own system. While
> Linux runs on most systems, some systems do have configurations and
> hardware that may not be supported. Please consult the following web
> pages for hardware compatibility. While we prefer you to bring your own
> distros, our volunteers will normally have
> Linux Howto Pages:
> Linux Frequently Asked Questions:
> Additionally, there are forums and listservs for most distros.
> Generally our volunteers have sets of the latest Fedora, SuSE and
> Ubuntu distributions:
> * Fedora - (Fedora 27 Live DVD/USB)
> * Ubuntu - ( 16.04.3 LTS DVD/USB or 17.10)
> * other distros can be downloaded at the Installfest
> We generally have them on local drives and can burn CDs/DVDs and
> USBs.Since there are many variants of these distros, we advise you to
> bring an empty USB stick with sufficient memory to hold one of the
> distros. Live images require about 1.5GB. I usually have some USBs
> prepared or can easily burn a USB.
> We usually have both a Wired and Wireless network available.
> In addition, you can run Linux on your Windows PC through a virtual
> machine manager, such as Virtualbox. You can install this in your
> Windows machine and run Linux as a guest OS, or install it in your Linux
> machine and run Windows as a guest. VirtualBox 5.1.18
> ( is free and is available for Linux, Windows
> 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows Vista. Additionally,
> there are also some VMWare clients that are also free for Windows.
> Lunch is generously sponsored by Bluefin Technical Services, John Ross
> and Ron Thibeau
> Please refer to the BLU website ( for further
> information and directions.

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