Thursday, August 13, 2020

Boston Linux VIRTUAL Meeting Wednesday August 19, 2020 - Building a Box on a Budget with the AMD Ryzen 3, and driving it fast with F2FS

When: August 19, 2020 7:00PM (6:30PM for Q&A)
Topic: Building a Box on a Budget with the AMD Ryzen 3, and driving it fast
with F2FS
Moderator: Brian DeLacey
Location: Online at Jitsi <>


This meeting will cover the build of a new Linux system from components and
review various uses including consolidating backups

In this two part meeting, we'll review the build list of components and
overall budget for a new Linux-powered system with the AMD Ryzen 3. In the
second part, we'll push this system to its byte-busting limits for powering
a permanent archival system.

We'll begin with an overview of the build - covering the purchase of parts,
continuing with assembly, and concluding with the installation of Ubuntu.
Then we'll move to various considerations and options for the Terabyte
Transportation Generation. We'll discuss managing backups, and showcase the
capabilities of rclone and what you can do with affordable terabytes of

We'll then look at different file systems and compare considerations for
use in backups. We'll wrap it all up with a forensic review of the
Flash-Friendly File System (F2FS) - discussing details of its design, data
layout and aspects of encryption. We'll looking into the pros and cons of
using F2FS as the underlying file system for a permanent archive of all
your most valuable data. Finally, we'll discuss news reports of an SMR
"scandal" and compare that technology to CMR.
Jerry Feldman <>
Boston Linux and Unix
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